83% of Polish Internet users buy on-line

83% of Polish Internet users buy on-line

14-11-2011 13:16:00

Poles buy more goods and more often than before. As the first choice, they buy at on-line auctions (37%), and the second one - at e-shops (28%). The most popular are e-shopes with books, films and music.

Strong influence on a development of e-commerce in Poland have services with comparison prices or shopping. It is possible now to buy at this services, but just in a few categories. However comparing prices specially helps when somebody is looking for electronic stuff, cosmetics or luxury gifts – such as jewelery or watches.

E-commerce specialists point out that now major becomes generation which is strongly concerned in computers, technologies and Internet. This people are not afraid of unsuccessful shopping, they know how to make an electronic claim, they shop on foreign e-shops, so all this issues make statistics of e-commerce higher and better. It is difficult to convince older generation to purchase items on-line. However, after successful e-shopping they come back to e-shops.

Now you can gain or lose most
E-shops are especially popular before Christmas. This is a period of the year when the owners of internet shops have the best incomes. But it is not just a happy time for them - they can also loose or win good popularity.

The reports about e-commerce and customers behavior shows that before shopping Internet users very often read reviews about company. Exactly 25% of e-consumers always look for comments and opinions about functionality of shop, and even 56% look for it almost every single time.

Take care of all reviews
The power of positive opinions is the most valuable advertisement for a shop. But this excellent promotion easily can become a way to promote a bad reputation in the web. People more often share negative experiences about service etc., because by the time of complaining they want to protect others from frustration they have been just facing. Before Christmas, when more people buy on-line, it is easier to make an mistake with orders, delay the commissions etc., there is also more probable to receive negative comments and opinions.

It is especially important for the owners to use tools which proof credibility, security and trust. Problems with orders realization, payments, no contact options, no formal data about the company and other accidents disturbing the trade can make the big influence on further operations of the shop. Therefore, it is so important to prevent the predictable problems.

The data is used from reports: "Customers about the quality of corporate services", Millward Brown SMG/KRC for Rzetelna Firma, IX 2011 r., TNS OBOP 20-23 X 2011 r. and "E-shopping in the customers eyes." Report Autumn 2011,,


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